Support for macOS 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10

With the first public beta releases of macOS 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10 now available, it’s an opportune time to talk about our apps’ compatibility with the new OSs.

From the testing we’ve done so far, there don’t seem to be any major problems with Stay, AirVolume, or Knit Counter on the new versions of macOS and iOS. That said, beta operating systems are subject to frequent change, so we don’t officially support running any of our apps on macOS 10.12 or iOS 10 until both operating systems are out of beta and publicly released.

We have new versions of Stay, AirVolume, and Knit Counter in development, and our aim is to ensure that any compatibility fixes that are required to support the new operating systems are included in these new releases.

If you’re already running any of our apps on a beta OS and you notice problems, please let us know so that we can work on fixes as early as possible. You can contact us by email at or on Twitter at @cordlessdog.