Stay’s paper anniversary

Today marks one year since Stay was released.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Stay thus far. Whether by your purchases, your emails of support, or your bug reports, you’ve all helped to make Stay what it is at the end of its first year.

I wrote Stay to make using a Mac with multiple monitors less irritating for me. I wasn’t sure how useful it would be to others, but the response and support has been fantastic. It’s one thing to make something that’s useful to you, but it’s another thing entirely to know that something you’ve created makes computing life easier for other people too. I’m still surprised by that.

Updates have been less frequent than I’d have liked; mainly because the burden of support has been greater than I’d expected (in a good way), and because I started a new job this year. All that said, work on Stay continues (however slowly), with a bug fix update due for release soon, followed by a more major update with some new features, hopefully before the end of the year.