Knit Counter 1.3 available

Knit Counter and Knit Counter Lite 1.3 are now available on the App Store. I’m impressed to see how much the approval process has improved in recent times. Based on previous experience I was expecting about a two week delay between submission and approval. The 1.3 updates were submitted less than 24 hours ago; I was somewhat caught off guard to see them approved so quickly.

Knit Counter 1.3 contains the following fixes and improvements:

Feature Additions:

  • Added the ability to specify minimum values for counters.
  • Added the ability to store an image for each project.
  • The current counter value is shown in blue text in the custom interval editor.

Bug Fixes:

  • Settings now apply if changed while Knit Counter is running in the background.
  • Fixed a potential crash when following a link from the pattern URL field.

It was quite a lot of work for a fairly modest update. Adding minimum values for counters was particularly troublesome. It seemed like a simple thing at the outset, but very quickly revealed itself to be far more complex than I’d expected.

Adding project images took longer than I’d planned as well. I quickly discovered that a lot of the stuff you take for granted when dealing with photos on iOS, isn’t provided by Apple and has to be implemented by the developer.

Hopefully the work has been worth it, and the additions in version 1.3 will be useful. As usual, if you have any problems with the update, please let us know by email at