Stay 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of Stay is now available. This version introduces two much requested features.

Support for spaces:

Stay can now store and restore windows across Spaces by cycling through each space and performing a store or restore operation as it goes.

The “Restore Windows as applications are launched” preference still only restores windows on the active space. This is to prevent Stay from cycling through all Spaces every time an application is launched.

The space a window is in is used as additional identifier for stored windows, meaning that it’s possible to store multiple copies of otherwise identical windows if they are on different spaces. Stay cannot presently move windows from one space to another as part of a restore operation.

Stay’s own windows also now always display on the current space, to prevent unexpected space changes as a result of interacting with Stay.

It should be mentioned that the Spaces support requires the use of several private and undocumented Mac OS X functions. Apple may choose to change or remove these functions at any point without notice, which could break support for Spaces. While every effort will be made to ensure continuing support for Spaces in Stay, no guarantees can be made.

Support for making saved display configurations active:

Mac OS X can occasionally forget the previous position of a display when it is reconnected. As Stay’s stored windows are tied to an exact display configuration, Stay will be unable to restore windows when this happens.

As shown below, a button has been added to the stored windows editor that allows the selected display configuration to be made active.

Note that a display configuration can only be made active if the same number of displays, of the same resolution are connected at the time.

Make Display Configuration Active Button

If you have any problems with the update, please let us know by email at