Linking Windows

Once a window is stored, Stay is usually able to restore the window’s size and position as necessary. Occasionally Stay may be unable to match an open window to its stored counterpart. If Stay stops restoring a window, you may need to link the window to its stored counterpart manually.

Follow the steps below to link a window:

  1. Make the window that Stay is not restoring active by clicking on it.
  2. Select “Link Active Window To…” from Stay’s menu.
  3. Stay will display all of the windows it has stored for the active application. Click the stored window that you wish to link to.
  4. The window linking interface will close and Stay will move the window to its stored location and resize it to its stored size. Stay will adjust the stored window so that it matches the open window automatically in future.

When setting up stored windows in Stay for the first time, some windows will need to be linked to their stored counterparts a few times before Stay can reliably restore them. After this initial setup period, window linking is generally only required very occasionally.