Knit Counter is a convenient way to store counters and project information for knitting and crochet projects.

Each project in Knit Counter can include as many counters as you need, each of which can has a user-editable name, starting value, and maximum value.

You can even link counters together, so one counter increments another. For example you could create an increase counter that increments automatically at the end of every 12th row.

There's an info screen attached to each project where you can note down the pattern name, yarn, needles used, general notes or any other information related to the project.

Other features include a handy frog button that allows you to decrease a counter if you have to rip back rows, and custom alerts which can be set to remind you of important rows, such as increase, decrease, cable, and buttonhole rows.

There's also a "Lite" Version available for free. It has all of the features of the full version, but is limited to a single project. If you only ever have one knitting project on the go at a time, it may be perfect for you. The "Lite" Version is available here.